Volunteer Workday Saturday June 2nd 2018

A volunteer workday will be taking place on Saturday June 2nd under the first four spans of the viaduct and on the approach road. The day will take place in two distinct halves.

10:00 – 12:00 The first part of the day will be an onsite workshop led by Sustrans Greener Greenways ecologist David Watson. We are keen to ensure that the viaduct surroundings are looked after and  the area as ecologically rich as we can make it. People visiting the viaduct will spending time in this area. How best do we make the area welcoming? How do we add interest? Be creative. Your thoughts and ideas are wanted.  These ideas can be incorporated into a management plan for the first four spans. (If you do not want to take part in the workshop, then you can work on the actual tasks.

12:00 – 3:30pm The second part of the day will be planting a wildflower mix under spans 1 and 2 and on the approach road. Following the removal of flytipped rubble by AMCO, the ground is bare so it is an ideal time to plant the wildflower mix before the invading species dominate. .  We are most grateful to AMCO and to Harworth Estates for supplying the wild flower seed mix.

The work will involve the following tasks:

Some lopping of bramble.

Some removal of larger pieces of rubble

Breaking up the topsoil / ground surface which may be compacted in places

Raking the topsoil / ground surface

Planting wild flower mix.

Tools will be provided but if you have loppers, spades, rakes or a wheelbarrow, bring them along.  The barrier will be open from 9:30pm onwards. We look forward to seeing you. The image below shows the seedmix which will be used. It contains 26 native wildflower species designed to attract bees and butterflies. The seed is being kindly provided by AMCO and Harworth Estates.